About Us



Ric Webb Sales, System Design and Integration, Technical Support, Principle

No stranger to Industry, Ric has had the opportunity to work in the live sound arena since the late 70’s, providing FOH and monitor engineering for a long list of regional, national and international acts in the US. Ric’s first experiences in system integration began in the 70’s while working with his father, designing and installing a court recording system. Centralized 4 track open reel machines with localized control in each court room was cutting edge for the day. Ric still strives to provide cutting edge solutions at TR-Professional. Ric has worked in Video and Film post production, location recording and broadcast, bring those experiences to TR Professional. As VP of Wantel Telecommunication, Ric honed his project management skills while working with Nortel and Convergent Networks, rolling out broadband, switched telephony and fiber optic rings in SW Oregon. Ric relies on these experiences to provide innovative client driven contracted services at TR Professional. 

  • Bosch Security Communications Division Netmax Certification
  • Midas Digital Certification
  • Post production and Music Certification Digidesign

Tami Webb CEO, Office Manager, Principle

Management, Training and Customer service are Tami’s focus. Tami came up through the ranks of the restaurant industry, providing local and regional management and training throughout the southwest US. Tami is no stranger to the Audio Industry providing her organizational and management skills for two major MI retailers over the years. Her hands on, outgoing style and hugs are quintessential TR-Professional.

Kelly Harris, Office Manager